New Release 10 July 2021


This unique album At home with McKenna was recorded by Liam Kelly in John McKenna’s homestead on Tents Mountain, Tarmon, close to the village of Drumkeeran in North Leitrim. Liam is playing John McKenna’s original Concert ‘D’ flute accompanied by Kevin Brehony on piano. Both house and flute have been restored by the McKenna Society in recent years.

This album was an opportunity not to missed for The John McKenna Society. It was clear from the outset when Liam played McKenna’s flute for the first time at a local McKenna session in Drumkeeran that the flute was in good hands. It was as if mutual respect was evident between musician and instrument.

Liam Kelly grew up in Sligo Town and is a founding member of Ireland’s internationally renowned and award-winning traditional band Dervish. In a career spannng 31 years, which they celebrated in 2020, Dervish have produced 14 albums and have toured worldwide. Liam has also recorded a solo album Sweetwood as well as a duet album Sets in Stone with Sligo Fiddler Philip Duffy.

Kevin Brehony who hails from Calstlebaldwin, County Sligo has a long-standing empathy and a deep-rooted understanding of McKenna’s music. Kevin was first introduced to the music of John McKenna in the 1990s and has been involved with traditional music in the area ever since. Kevin has featured on many acclaimed recordings associated with the music of Sligo and Leitrim.

While the album is available as a CD and download, we are proud to also have produced a vinyl edition as a nod to the wonderful 78s recorded by McKenna in the early 1900s in New York, critically important recordings which have influenced and guided the course of flute-playing to this day.

We thank them both Liam and Kevin for producing this wonderful music.

The John McKenna Society, June 2021